Palm Sugar

So I’ve had some private comments lately asking why I say recipes are “sugar free” when they have Palm Sugar in them. In my recipes when I say that a recipe is sugar free, I am referring to “refined” sugar. Refined sugars would be granulated white sugar, brown sugar, icing sugar, all of which are very high on the Glycemic Index(GI).
They will spike your blood sugar and are not good for you. Palm sugar is unrefined.

Coconut Palm sugar is made from the coconut tree and has a very low GI. From what I have read it is on the same glycemic index as broccoli. Palm sugar also has health benefits such as providing potassium, magnesium. zinc, and iron, as well as some B and C vitamins.

Palm sugar tastes similar to brown sugar. It does not have any after taste, but a wonderful rich flavour. I use it pretty much the same as white or brown sugar in a recipe. Palm sugar gives all the flavour and sweetness to a recipe without having the highs and lows of refined sugar.

In Canada you can find Palm Sugar at the Bulk Barn and at Health food stores. Elsewhere you can fine it at

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