Apple Quinoa Breakfast (Gluten Free/ Dairy Free/ Refined Sugar Free)

I love eating apple crisp!!
With spring coming and the morning temperatures are still a little cooler, I keep making warm breakfast cereals.

I thought, wouldn’t it be great to mix apple crisp and breakfast cereal. The lovely aroma of cinnamon cooking. To top it off, its healthy! Packed full of protein from the quinoa and almonds, antioxidants from the cinnamon and apples, this cereal not only tastes great, but is good for you!

Apple Quinoa Breakfast
Apple Quinoa Breakfast
1/2 c. quinoa
1 c. water
2 tsp. cinnamon
2 Tbsp. coconut palm sugar (or desired granulated sugar)
2 medium apples (I used Macintosh)
1/4 c. almonds (chopped)-Optional
almond milk- Optional

Put quinoa, water, cinnamon, and palm sugar into a pot with a lid and cook for approximately 15 minutes, or until liquid is absorbed and quinoa is tender.


While quinoa is cooking, wash and chop apples. I leave the skins on, but if you prefer you can peel them. When quinoa is cooked, add in apples and mix through. Put the lid back on and let mixture sit for five minutes.
The apples will still have a slight crunch. If you prefer softer apples, add them into you quinoa about half way through the cooking process.


Put cereal into a bowl, top with chopped almonds and enjoy!!

If you like, add a small amount of almond milk.

This makes enough for about three servings. Its also great the next day. Just heat it up and enjoy!!