Trying To Find My Way…

After I found out about my food allergies, and started making up my own recipes, I felt a calling to share these recipes with people. I started my first recipe blog in August of 2011. Not knowing that much about computers, I struggled for the first while trying to figure things out. A couple of months ago, I was very frustrated with this, thinking that I wasn’t really helping anyone.  I was really struggling with what I should do next with my blog (I was ready to shut it down).

The very next morning, I received an email about an online course that would help my page. I thought, alright, this is another sign to follow. Now three weeks into the course, realizing that I needed to switch onto a different server (wordpress) for my site.

Now I am one week into the new website, feeling even more lost than before. Trying to learn the new navigational system, and getting very frustrated. Sitting in church this morning, the sermon was about listening to where God is leading you. I have been led here, trying to help people like myself, struggling with food allergies.

Please be patient with me, as I try to learn the new system. I will do my best to help others out there struggling too…

Thanks for listening and reading… 🙂


** Just a note… I finally was helped and am now able to link properly on here, so that made me happy 🙂